Shipping cost:
Free for orders above 50€ (only for orders withing Greece)
For deliveries within Europe shipping cost is 4.00€ (depending on the size of the box the cost may vary)
For deliveries in United States shipping cost is 15.00€ (depending on the size of the box the cost may vary)

Delivery is made at the address specified by the customer:

The order is delivered to the customer through the use of external carrier and the customer is informed by email that the products are ready for dispatch. The shipping costs are calculated based on the order of the customer.
In case the customer inputs wrong address and therefore wrong shipping costs are calculated, they have to bare the customer and not the Company.
In order for the customer to receive the order he/she must show the carrier the order confirmation as well as a formal ID document. If the customer wishes for another person to receive the order on his/her behalf then he must have a certified formal document.

The customer is urged to check the products upon receipt of the order since by signing the carriers’ note he/she confirm that all products have been well received and the sale has been succesfully completed. In case the customer does not accept to receieve the order after being informed by the carrier and the company then the company has the right to withdraw from the completion of the transaction.