The Scientific Research Institute GANOPHARM researches, produces and creates in Greece, Food supplements and Natural Skin Care products.

All the formulas of our products are examined and produced in our institute always respecting human and nature. The same nature that has so generously enriched our country with the richest flora in the world. The Greek herbs that we incorporate in our products are well known all over the world and this is one of the reasons we Greeks are pioneers in the production of good supplements, cosmetics and medicines with extensive export activity.

In GANOPHARM we produce the Food Supplements line called GANOPHEN. This line is aiming at the essentials for our health components such as Vitamin C and D, Ω3 but also Ganoderma, a well known adaptogen herb for the reinforcement of  the immune system, a process which offers as health and  euphoria and that heels as for many illnesses. For further information about Ganophen click here.

In GANOPHARM we also designed and produced two Natural Skin Care Lines, MASSIMO’S and SEMPRE GIOVANE.

MASSIMO’S in a natural skin care line that has as a main objective to incorporate Greek Pharmaceutical plants in natural raw materials so as to achieve on making treatment products of extremely high value. You can find out more about MASSIMO’S by clicking here.

SEMPRE GIOVANE (Forever Young) is a line based on Ganoderma/Reishi fruits sporides oil which in combination with elements such as Edelweis stem cells, wild Rose Hip and sunflower,  achieve great result of treatment evident from the very early days of usage. For further information about SEMPRE GIOVANE click here.

*Read the book “GANODERMA THE MIRACULOUS” of the author Dr.TSIOLIS to learn more about the pharmacological properties of Ganoderma/Reishi.

Dr Tsiolis Gersimos studied Pharmaceutics and Medicine at the University of Bologna and has a PhD in Biochemistry.

Academic Studies

‘Milk and its derivatives, quantitative and qualitative analysis of the ingredients and pasteurisation and sterilisation methods’

Universita’ di Bologna

‘Intracellular conception of steroid hormones’

Universita’ di Bologna

He is the founder of Biopathology Laboratory in Anavissos and Lavrio as well as of the Scientific Research Institute GANOPHARM in Lavrio.

He is also the author of the book “GANODERMA THE MIRACULOUS” where the pharmacological properties of Ganoderma/Reishi are explained. Convinced that Ganoderma lucidum is a universal medicine, as proven by university studies conducted in the past fifteen years of his life  he felt the need to share  this knowledge to as many people as possible.
In order to achieve this he put together a huge bibliography in a short but concise and simplified edition so that it is comprehensible to all not just to doctors pharmacists or biologists.


Ganoderma  Lucidum belongs to Basidiomycetes Polyporaceae specie of mushrooms and is a genus of polypore mushrooms that grow on wood. Widely used in the US, Japan, China, and in many European countries known also, in ancient Greece, the name Ganoderma derives from the Greek ganos/γανος “brightness, sheen”, hence “shining” and derma/δερμα “skin”.  Ranked 1st out of 365 herbs by the iconic Ancient Chinese Pharmacopeia,Ganoderma Lucidum has been recognized as a precious health supplement for more than 2,000 years. First recorded in the Eastern Han Dynasty near 1st century BC, Ganoderma lucidum has been traditionally referred to as the “mushroom of immortality.

Ganoderma belongs to the adaptogens herbs.  They are called adaptogens herbs because they provide our body with the balance that is needed by our functions in a given moment that has to face any situation. ie balance the body, which is why there is the “parado’’ and make it capable to face different situations. For example, reduces blood pressure in hypertensive, while increase in hypotensive. In all other cases using chemicals, we would need two different drugs to regulate the pressure in these two patients. With Ganoderma, blood pressure is regulated in both. This is precisely the adaptation action. Also Ganoderma can easily reduce the total cholesterol and the HDL-chol., while reducing LDL-chol. Only 300 herbs in the world botanology, classified as adaptogens, and Ganoderma is considered the king of herbs adjustments due to multiple actions have.


– Immune booster
– Energy booster
– Detoxification
– Allergy diseases
– Blood pressure
– Migraine
– Rheumatic diseases
– Constipation
– Psoriasis eczema
– Hepatitis and anti-virus action including HIV
– Anti-aging action


Polysaccharides (GLP- (L) 1, GLP- (L) 2, or triterpenes triterpenoids (Ganoderma, lousintemiko, methyl Ganoderma acid), nucleotides, sterols (ergosterol, ergosterol peroxide, etc.), steroids, unsaturated fatty acids, proteins, peptides and polypeptides, minerals, vitamins, organic germanium, superoxide dismutase and others. These components, are known mainly by biochemists, pharmacists and other scientists involved and do not exclude the herb healing, from  the lives of their patients. All that, is making Ganoderma a wonderful multi-drug, capable of many diseases, but also a great Immune Booster which is the basis of our health.

There is in the internet an endless series of scientific articles on the polysaccharides, the triterpenes, organic Germanium and other components of Ganoderma.


Patients taking first time Ganoderma, placed immediately in the detoxification process, and is likely although very rare, can experience symptoms such as drowsiness, thirst, frequent urination, bowel movements with watery but not diarrheal stool, and occasionally some very slight skin allergies, type small ‘redness’ skin. . Let us not worry, it is a sign that Ganoderma works and detoxifies our body, a series of endless harmful substances. Ganoderma is a superfood that Nature gives us, without side effects, an herb that gives us health and wellness, rapidly, and it is perceived from the first 20 days of use.

As it is a valuable food, Ganoderma can be consumed by all ages, from 3 years and up. No side effects and no interactions with other drugs.


The extra element that differentiates GANOPHEN from a normal dietary supplements, is that the person who uses it every day, feels very quickly all his benefits. Constipation and good quality sleep and abundant energy are perceived in the very first 20 days. As time passes, viruses tormenting us, migraines and other conditions are obsolete, it enhances the immune and the body has sufficient defense against any intruder whether is a virus, bacteria, toxic substances, etc. Our skin is shining and we are more beautiful as our good health is not hidden, anymore.




The wonderous ganoderma (in Greek)
Gerasimos N. Tsiolis



Buy the printed book Buy the e-book

GANOPHARM Scientific Research Institute has the knowledge and the facilities to complete the production for other companies. Contact us for further information; we are at your disposal.

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