The Scientific Research Institute GANOPHARM produces in Greece Food Supplements and Natural Skin Care products.

For Ganophen we have selected five products for the food supplements line that we consider as “The Essentials” and a dermatological cream.

This selection is all about the products that we consider as essential for the human health and well being. Among them is Vitamin C that unfortunately our organism cannot biosynthesize and no matter what we eat we cannot reach the necessary daily dosage, vitamin D since the vast majority of people have shortage of in their body, Ω3 as it is on the top of our dietary needs due to their multifaceted effect, Ganoderma/Reishi in condensed form in order to achieve a strong immune system and an anti-lipidemic factor since our nutrition over the last few years is rich in fat constituting a great danger for our vessels.

** All formulas are designed to have high bioactivity